Monday, January 25, 2010

cuppies class babe!

last sunday,17th january,me and ika went to the cuppies class.
because of over excited about cuppies,kami dengan teruja decided to attend the cuppies class conducted by kak ecaR yg sgt kecik molek lg cun itu.

from 10.30am to 8pm okay!! so long time and soooo tired!!! rasa macam tak percaya je mimpi itu jadi kenyataan sebab dari last two semester kami berangan nak pegi.hahaha

ms shaput slowly slowly put the flour into the mixer.

cake is ready~

time to make a decoration~

this is my handmade me! =p

from left: kak habibah, ika with kak ecaR's cutey son (eiymann), sifu aka kak ecaR and me~

finally i have my own experienced on making the cuppies.

u guys should try okay!
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.JueJay. said...

wOw!! besh nye..comel gilakkk cup cakes dye :D

Azalya Razak said...

nak blaja jugak. comel kot cup cake. :)