Wednesday, July 23, 2014

finally i have time to blog


salam ramadhan :)

as u can see, this month, i have a lot of time to post several entries. bulan ni paling byk aku post since last year. yes i was pretending to be busy. haha

i further my master early of this february. i dont have stable internet source at home at kl but now i am at my hometown with the satisfied internet source :D

syukur alhamdulillah since 2 of my wishes came true. alhamdulillah alhamdulillah

i got support to further my study and my result for sem 1 is beyond my expectation. my first semester for master is very unexpected. i cannot expect anything. i dont know how's life for master student. i dont know what level should i push myself to excel in my study. i just push myself to all out and leave the result to Allah. and alhamdulillah it returns to my effort :)


(caption: i am 25 years old yes u heard me right but it cannot resist me from selfie. wehuuu)

it's not about u attend class and do assignment and sit for exam and get result

master is about your critical thinking, it manipulate the way u think about something

the assignment is not about how u solve a+b%29e^%#Q but it's about your creativity, innovative thinking to solve the problem and case. not to make u feel phobia but it's reality.

it's interesting because it tests u to really think and solve.

enough with master. i think it can be continue for next entry. haha

many subjects come in my mind now. i have a lot of things to write. i want to keep all my feeling in my writing.

somehow i see my same age friends got married, have a baby(ies), i am still struggling myself in my study. being a student, jobless of course. and after study, i need to find job and it seems like i need to start my life  as an adult. somehow i feel lag than some other friends who's already working, have own big business, married, have a baby(ies).


yes of course i feel left behind sincerely.

jealous? of course but not at the level of PHD (perasaan hasad dengki/irritated)

and i calm myself. haha

it's ok to be me. people have their own way to live

so do i. HE already set our own path.

at least i experienced a lot in my life. i experienced many things. with people, things, events and many more

but undeniable that the longer u live, the more problems and obstacle u faced

yes, my 25 years of life is full with lessons

lessons that make me feel strong day by day

it makes me be matured, talk less, think more

ignore the ignorance

never listen to what they think about u, (not all but some that may contribute u to feel down and think nonsense)

dont bother on stupid issue. yes i always make my head burden with so typical issues around us example kiki vs uncle sim. aiyooo

think more on global issues (good subjects) that able me to think out of box

i write too much? sorry but i love to talk but i talk less if people in front me. because the more u talk the more people can see our weaknesses. so let's be underground, humble. i observe more ^_^

till then, u may see many entries from me. insyaallah. may Allah protects me and u from harm

dont forget to pray for our siblings in palestine, syria and all over. also not to forget to our country. many trials that Allah gives to us lately. it because of our mistakes to neglect HIS orders.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

i can see blood, dead bodies and inhumanity; Palestine and MH17


salam ramadhan

now, we are in the last 10 days of ramadhan
where muslims are doing as much as ibadah and seek for His forgiveness

this ramadhan is quite heartbreaking for us 

the latest, we know about MH17. one more heartbreaking news. yes, i hope it just a dream :(

the 2 countries fight to each other but why  on earth they shot our plane?

eventhough none of my family and friends are involved but i bet malaysians feel hurtful right?

whether this incident is accidently or planned, i pray that the evil will be punish. may justice will be on the victims's side.

even the case of MH370 still in "investigation" but we are tested with MH17. Allah wanna let us to realize that there are too many sins we did and it's time to return to the right ways. HE let us see HIS powerful just to show that who we are to against HIS rules. :(

and world is just a temporary. hereafter is the real world.

for whatever reasons and whoever involve in behind these incidents, let Allah punishes them. we will see the real story in the hereafter. pity the victims and family members. even we cant help ourself to see them.

since early of ramadhan, all eyes were on palestine where the evil zionist started to attack AGAIN

and as we can see, many new updated on the invaded of israel towards palestine

we can see blood, awful dead bodies, destruction and tears of Palestinians seeking for justice

undeniable that the zionist are so immensely inhuman! they kill innocent people. they said hamas are terrorist without realizing that they are the real terrorist and evil

palestine hope for the whole world to stand up for them and fight for their justice

my prayers with them, the palestinians, the great strong soldiers. may Allah gives victory and freedom for them

please follow official facebook of aman palestin since there are many updates there

i feel excited when al qassam is very confident that they will bring back the freedom for palestine. may this will comes true. amiin....

and not to forget to our muslims at syria, where assad tortures and killed the civilians. also at rohingya, cambodia and many more as we know being oppressed by the enemy of Islam

let's pray for them, help them as much as we can. donate money, clothes. stop supporting the zionist accidentally (buy mcd, nestle, levi etc. A BIG NO!)

and dont forget to donate to the trusted medium such as aman palestin

aman palestin berhad


donate to this account number:



CIMB: 8600460353

RHB Bank:21245760004907

Bank Rakyat: 220806195922

my previous entries related to boycott, that u can refer to the zionist supporters, do visit :)

till then, :)





Friday, July 18, 2014

curcuma mangga cure (CMC) dan penawar resdung ^_^


Salam ramadhan semua :)

Entry ni agak panjang sebab saya nak story pasal produk curcuma mangga cure (CMC)

Berkobar2 ni nak cerita sebab sy sendiri pun experienced makan cmc ni dan nak reveal apa yg syiok nye ^_^

Resdung!!! Arhhhhh BENCI kan, asyik nak bersin, gatal2, nikmat makan seafood pun ditarik. Atau ada yg tak boleh identified lagi simptom resdung? Ni dia:

Kerap sakit kepala. 

  Hidung tersumbat dan berbau busuk.

Gatal-gatal di kawasan muka, telinga, mata dan hidung.

Hidung kerap berair walaupun tidak selsema.

\  Kerap bersin terutama di waktu pagi.

\Rasa berat muka atau sakit terutama di kawasan antara mata.

Sakit tekak sacara berpanjangan serta berulang.

\  Mengalami demam atau rasa tidak sedap badan secara berpanjangan.

CURCUMA MANGGA CURE (CMC) ni adalah penawar resdung, produk malaysia, bumiputera lagi. Bangga kan? mereka buat research, macam mana, benda apa yg boleh ubati resdung dan jumpa jawapan, iaitu menggunakan kunyit putih atau nama saitifik nya, curcuma mangga. Selain itu, CMC ni juga diformulasikan dari beberapa lagi herba semulajadi yg terbaik untuk merawat resdung dan beberapa penyakit lain. 

Untuk yg berpenyakit resdung, anda sangat la wajib untuk mencari penawar sebab resdung ni bahaya, kalau dibiar lama, melarat, boleh jadi kanser hidung. Ini sy penah baca :(

Bukan yg berpenyakit resdung je, yg tak punya penyakit pun boleh amal kan CMC ni sbb kunyit putih ni sgt bagus sebagai anti oksida atau untuk mencegah kanser. Hebat kan? 

Curcuma mangga ni memang jarang2 sangat ditanam di malaysia sebab cuaca nya mesti lah dingin untuk tumbuh dgn baik tp pihak CMC sendiri punya inisiatif untuk tanam sendiri untuk keperluan menghasilkan penawar resdung yg terbaik dari segi kualiti dan halal nya. 

Banyak sangat kebaikan kunyit putih yg menjadi sumber utama dlm CMC antaranya:

 Membantu menyembuhkan masuk angin, dan sakit perut.

Menghilangkan kulit lebam akibat luka.

Mematikan sel awal kanser.

 Membantu menyembuhkan penyakit tumor.

  Mencegah kerosakan sistem rahim, membantu mengurangi berat badan (sangat bagus bagi anda yang sedang diet).
 Menyembuhkan asma dan sesak nafas.

Mampu menghentikan pendarahan, sebagai sumber antioksidan alami.

Membantu merangsang produksi sel darah merah, menyegarkan kulit dan menyihatkan badan secara alami.

Mengurangkan resdung dan bau mulut yang berpunca darinya.

So far, dah ramai sangat yg cuba produk CMC ni termasuk sy dan ramai sangat yg bagi positive feedback..

Testimoni saya sendiri, belum reveal kat mana2 kecuali sy bagitau sikit2 kat kak dayah (sy beli dari kak dayah) dan faderra (founder CMC):

Sakit pinggang dah baik. Sy sakit pinggang since 2 years tp tak lah kritikal tapi kira tak selesa dan tak aktif lah.

 Tahan lapar. Sy jenis kalau duduk rumah je nak makan memanjang tp bila sy makan CMC after breakfast, perut tak rasa lapar. Siapa yg diet boleh la amal kan makan CMC lepas magrib, so malam2 tak lah nak maaaaaakan je kan? 

  Kalau resdung, hidung kita mcm busuk kan? Memang tak boleh hidu hidung sendiri tapi boleh rasa kan? Tapi bila dah seminggu macam tu rasa kan la perubahan kita

 Badan bertenaga. Sy ni jenis kurang beraktiviti jadi badan lesu, end up jadi macam pemalas. Tp CMC ni mcm bg tenaga untuk kita aktif

(adik sy, biology student ternampak la botol cmc sy ni kat ruang tamu, dia cakap bagus kunyit putih ni, dia ada belajar dalam class tentang kunyit putih, bagus sgt utk anti kanser dan banyak lagi. wink!! laaaagi lah sy yakin tentang cmc ni :D )


Ohh ye, so far CMC bukan nye ada 1 produk je tp dah keluar dgn anak baru iaitu cream untuk jerawat. Kesan nye jgn cakap la for sure cepat hilang, juga formulasi asas dari kunyit putih. Selain makan CMC, anda boleh juga sapu jerawat tu dengan acne cream CMC. Dahsyat CMC ni, makin innovative nak tolong org bermasalah jerawat untuk kita. 

Jom cuba sekarang! yang penting halal dan berasaskan herba asli 

Jadi sila lah dapat kan produk CMC ni di mana2 pengedar sah atau anda boleh dapat kan di website atau official facebook CMC seperti di bawah. Anda juga boleh dapat kan lebih informasi tentang produk CMC bila anda browse sumber official di bawah ni.

Anda akan dilayan dengan baik oleh CMC team dan diorang memang akan briefly explain macam mana nak consume CMC.

selamat mencuba semua, jom hapuskan resdung dan hidup sihat dgn CMC! :)

rest well MH17


another sad, bad story of plane crashed for this year which involve MH17

MH17 terhempas di sekitar sempadan ukrain-rusia

sangat terkejut sebab ingat itu viral whatsoever

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Flight MH17 operates on a Boeing 777. It departed Amsterdam at 12.15pm (Amsterdam local time) and the estimated time of arrival at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is at 6.10am later this morning (Malaysian time).

Read more:

Pesawat penumpang Malaysia terhempas di Ukraine

Thursday, July 17, 2014

about boycott AGAIN


my entry today is about boycott AGAIN

sorry if u feel annoyed and u think that i am a typical person that saying boycott is the only important

but i do feel yes it is very important

we dont have anything to do so that boycott is crucial

we have no power to stop evil zionist and israel by saying PLEASE DONT ATTACK PALESTINE ANYMORE

stop buying the things that contribute to israel

what we able to do now is to boycott them, together we try to stop funding them

who are we to for them? they are evil, they wont never ever listen to our voice!

Make A Difference.. Boycott Israeli Products. 

Shops & Clothing: 
- Starbucks 
- Tesco 
- Disney Shop 
- McDonalds 
- Hugo Boss 
- Sunglass Hut 
- GAP 
- Giorgio Armani 
- Calvin Klein 
- Ralph Lauren 
- Playtex 
- Banana Republic 
- River Island 
- Timberland 

- Coca Cola 
- Fruitopia
 - Fanta 
- Kia Ora 
- Lilt 
- Sprite 
- Sunkist 
- Evian 
- Volvic 
- Nescafé 
- Nesquik 
- Perrier 
- Vittel 

 Foods & Chocolates:
- Nestle 
- Maggi (Noodles) 
- Buitoni 
- Crosse & Blackwell 
- KitKat - MilkyBar 
- Quality Street 
- Smarties 
- After Eight 
- Aero 
- Lion 
- Polo 
- Felix (Cat Food) 

 Makeup/Perfumes & Health:
- L'Oreal 
- Clinique 

 - Origins 
- La Mer 
- Bobbi Brown 
- Tommy (Perfume) 
- Bumble & Bumble 
- Kate (Cream) 
- Johnson & Johnson (Baby Oil)\
- Huggies 
- Garnier

Others: _
 - Arsenal Football Club
 - AOL 
- Time Warner Time Life Magazine 
- CNN 
- Barbie 
- Intel 
- Motorola 
- Kotex 
- The Sun 
- The Times 
- Australian Newspapers 
 National Geographic 
- Star Channels (Indian) 
- Sky 
- Fox 
- Nokia 
- Standard Newspapers 
- New York Post 
- The Telegraph 
- Independent

some of them i know that we never heard. i took this info not from local site. but some of them familiar rite? like nestle and others. arsenal? yes u read me right! 

any info please visit

Make a difference to many innocent lives.. 


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

update for adra afieya and other biliary atresia babies


happy middle of ramadhan

wish all of u are well and in good condition

btw, maybe some of u are wondering on how's adra doing right now? alhamdulillah she's fine and need more attention

but today, i want to share on the other 2 babies who suffer biliary atresia and need attention, prayer, donation

baby ammar danish
her fb fan page :

baby sakeena
her fb page link :

please, let us help them

please pray, donate and spread this so that we will help them to heal their pain and burden

as like adra manage to get our attention and able to collect money to undergo for operation and treatment :)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

why to boycott the companies who support israel?

why boycott?

we pressure the company that support israel. when they start to lose profit, they will stop. it may seems impossible to see mcd stop to contribute to israel right?

ada 1 kisah

Ingatkah anda kisah sang burung yang cuba menyelamatkan Nabi Allah Ibrahim ?

Apakah usahanya itu berhasil sedangkan api yang ingin dipadamkan itu sangat besar dan marak ?

Apakah pengajaran kisah tersebut ?

sila ke laman web utk very further information 

list of things to be boycott

but for some products like intel, hp, we cannot resist right, even my laptop is hp brand bought 2 years ago T_T

but let's try to boycott others that have many choices in market

nestle product like maggi nescafe milo etc pun i try to replace with another brand

let's change milo to vico for example 

nescafe to other brand yg laaaagi sedap dan murah

and also i use loreal and revlon T_T
now i hope my lipstick, cleanser and night cream habis cepat so i can buy another brand. i choose cosmoderm and korea brand ahakkkk :)

maggi? erk not good

milo? mahal kan? vico much cheaper

mcd? dah setahun lebih tak makan

starbuck? i never buy. nerd? noob? so kampung? i dont care

let's start. mungkin ini jalan utk kita support good local products kan?

FCC make up
for example :)

small effort may contribute to the biggest effect to the evil one

ni ada aku copy paste dari newspaper sinar:

Israel takut kena boikot

TEL AVIV - Dalam keghairahan membedil ratusan roket ke Gaza, Israel dilaporkan ketakutan susulan peningkatan kempen boikot produk-produk keluaran mereka.

Perdana Menteri Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, menganggap kempen boikot itu adalah masalah terbesar jika ia benar-benar dilaksanakan.

Susulan ancaman beberapa negara termasuk Britain, beliau adakan mesyuarat Kabinet tergempar untuk cari penyelesaian.

“Jika negara di seluruh dunia setuju memboikot produk Israel maka ekonomi negara itu berada dalam bahaya,” petik laporan Jpost.

Februari lalu, ancaman boikot itu disuarakan Menteri Luar Negara Amerika Syarikat (AS), John Kerry ketika menjadi perantaraan rundingan damai Israel dan Palestin.

“AS mengancam untuk memboikot segala produk Israel, jika rundingan damai Israel dengan Palestin ini gagal,” katanya.

Sehari kemudian, Kesatuan Eropah (EU) menyatakan pendirian sama terhadap Israel.

Dilaporkan juga, Menteri Kewangan Israel, Yair Lapid, beberapa kali mengingatkan jika kempen boikot itu menjadi realiti terutama dari EU maka mereka akan terputus hubungan dagang terbesar di negara itu.

“Israel kemungkinan akan mengalami penurunan nilai eksport ke negara EU sehingga AS$5.7 juta (RM18 juta) dan 9,800 penduduknya akan hilang pekerjaan,” menurutnya.

Bagaimanapun, Menteri Strategi Israel, Yuval Steinitz berpendapat, ancaman AS dan EU itu bersifat tidak adil dan serius.

“Israel tidak dapat berunding mengenai ancaman itu jika pistol sudah diarahkan ke kepala kami. Ini sayu ugutan,” katanya dipetik Jpost

Namun, beliau kemudiannya mengeluarkan kenyataan sinis apabila menyatakan kedua-dua negara itu tidak perlu menipu diri sendiri.

“Kita seharusnya tidak menipu diri sendiri. Dunia sedang memerhati AS dalam rundingan damai ini.

"Kita harus akui jika rundingan dengan Palestin gagal, dunia akan percaya bahawa kita yang bertanggung jawab dan akan ada harga yang harus dibayar,” katanya.

selamat beramal dan membantu saudara kita di sana. jgn lupa doa kan mereka :)