Saturday, July 19, 2014

i can see blood, dead bodies and inhumanity; Palestine and MH17


salam ramadhan

now, we are in the last 10 days of ramadhan
where muslims are doing as much as ibadah and seek for His forgiveness

this ramadhan is quite heartbreaking for us 

the latest, we know about MH17. one more heartbreaking news. yes, i hope it just a dream :(

the 2 countries fight to each other but why  on earth they shot our plane?

eventhough none of my family and friends are involved but i bet malaysians feel hurtful right?

whether this incident is accidently or planned, i pray that the evil will be punish. may justice will be on the victims's side.

even the case of MH370 still in "investigation" but we are tested with MH17. Allah wanna let us to realize that there are too many sins we did and it's time to return to the right ways. HE let us see HIS powerful just to show that who we are to against HIS rules. :(

and world is just a temporary. hereafter is the real world.

for whatever reasons and whoever involve in behind these incidents, let Allah punishes them. we will see the real story in the hereafter. pity the victims and family members. even we cant help ourself to see them.

since early of ramadhan, all eyes were on palestine where the evil zionist started to attack AGAIN

and as we can see, many new updated on the invaded of israel towards palestine

we can see blood, awful dead bodies, destruction and tears of Palestinians seeking for justice

undeniable that the zionist are so immensely inhuman! they kill innocent people. they said hamas are terrorist without realizing that they are the real terrorist and evil

palestine hope for the whole world to stand up for them and fight for their justice

my prayers with them, the palestinians, the great strong soldiers. may Allah gives victory and freedom for them

please follow official facebook of aman palestin since there are many updates there

i feel excited when al qassam is very confident that they will bring back the freedom for palestine. may this will comes true. amiin....

and not to forget to our muslims at syria, where assad tortures and killed the civilians. also at rohingya, cambodia and many more as we know being oppressed by the enemy of Islam

let's pray for them, help them as much as we can. donate money, clothes. stop supporting the zionist accidentally (buy mcd, nestle, levi etc. A BIG NO!)

and dont forget to donate to the trusted medium such as aman palestin

aman palestin berhad


donate to this account number:



CIMB: 8600460353

RHB Bank:21245760004907

Bank Rakyat: 220806195922

my previous entries related to boycott, that u can refer to the zionist supporters, do visit :)

till then, :)





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