Wednesday, July 9, 2014

gaza under attack again :(


salam ramadhan 

as what u see in media social, our siblings in gaza are under attack again, in this holy month while we are fasting

the evil israel attacks gaza and they think that muslims are weak because of fasting

unfortunately they wrong. this holy month makes us, the muslims at gaza especially feel strong, with our help with doa. Allah also never forget to helps us

al qassam is soooooooooooooooo great soldier 

they defend the gaza so powerful, tak kira di darat, udara dan juga underwater!

the israel people so scare right now

what can we do?

pray - that's the only weapon we have to help them. may Allah listens and fulfils our doa. may Allah protect the civilian and the Palestinians. and gives strength to our bridged al qassam so that they can fight and defend the holy place

donate - we also can donate to them. so many destructions happen there. also they need to cure a lot of injured Palestinians. 

aman palestin berhad





CIMB: 8600460353

RHB Bank:21245760004907

Bank Rakyat: 220806195922

they need our help. they are begging us to be concern and help them. be in their side. fight for their right

derma lah sikit. sempena bulan mulia ni. berganda2 pahal Allah bagi. tak baik berkira, kedekut. rezki yg sikit pun kita kena kongsi :(

so heartbreaking to see the pictures, kena bom, peluru, darah, dead bodies shattered, dead bodies burnt

besides, we also must boycott the products that support the evil israel. mcd, nestle, etc too many

yes, we can make a little effort because it may contribute a lot to them

why boycott?

we pressure the company that support israel. when they start to lose profit, they will stop. it may seems impossible to see mcd stop to contribute to israel right? 

please gain some knowledge about boycott. google it, read about it

-- Luahan hati Maulana Mohamed, Duta Aman Palestin.
Yang mana tengah order air coca cola dan hidangan mcdonald pikir lah dua tiga kali kalau nak beli,sebotol air coca cola atau hidangan mcdonald ibarat sebutir peluru yang terbenam dikepala anak kecil Palestin.ibarat sebutir bom yang jatuh di bumi Gaza pada ketika ini.sanggupkah anda menjadi penyumbang kepada peluru-peluru dan bom bom yang membunuh saudara-saudara kita dibumi Palestin? Ada pula radio tempatan sibuk nak agih2kan air coca cola sempena bulan ramadhan ni.cuba lah sensitif tentang isu di Palestin.sedih dengan tahap kesedaran orang islam di Malaysia tentang isu Palestin ni.
-tolong sebarkan. --

let's do it first. let's boycott. our little contribution may be blessed by Allah. HE sees what we do.

one more thing yg aku tahu. why we must boycott? when the ceo, chairman or the big bosses of the evil company that support israel died, their dead bodies will be buried at the occupied holy land.

dalam bahasa melayu nye, kot la yg peminat setia mekdi ni tak paham kan
org besar, ceo, pemilik dan seangkatan dgn company yg support israel ni, bila diorang mati, mayat diorang akan dikuburkan di tanah yg israel rampas dari palestin

ni ada lecturer aku bagitau baru2 ni jugak la. 

so can u see how powerful they are and u still proud to be their supporter? 

mohon dipanjangkan lah kejahatan supporter israel ni. yg israel sah2 la buta perut

apa perlu nya nak boikot 

O Allah, please listen to our prayers. 
please save our siblings in Palestine and all over the world that being suppressed. 
please give the highest strength to our soldiers to protect and defend Palestine, our holy place, 
please take care of our siblings. 
please destroy the evil israel. 

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