Wednesday, July 23, 2014

finally i have time to blog


salam ramadhan :)

as u can see, this month, i have a lot of time to post several entries. bulan ni paling byk aku post since last year. yes i was pretending to be busy. haha

i further my master early of this february. i dont have stable internet source at home at kl but now i am at my hometown with the satisfied internet source :D

syukur alhamdulillah since 2 of my wishes came true. alhamdulillah alhamdulillah

i got support to further my study and my result for sem 1 is beyond my expectation. my first semester for master is very unexpected. i cannot expect anything. i dont know how's life for master student. i dont know what level should i push myself to excel in my study. i just push myself to all out and leave the result to Allah. and alhamdulillah it returns to my effort :)


(caption: i am 25 years old yes u heard me right but it cannot resist me from selfie. wehuuu)

it's not about u attend class and do assignment and sit for exam and get result

master is about your critical thinking, it manipulate the way u think about something

the assignment is not about how u solve a+b%29e^%#Q but it's about your creativity, innovative thinking to solve the problem and case. not to make u feel phobia but it's reality.

it's interesting because it tests u to really think and solve.

enough with master. i think it can be continue for next entry. haha

many subjects come in my mind now. i have a lot of things to write. i want to keep all my feeling in my writing.

somehow i see my same age friends got married, have a baby(ies), i am still struggling myself in my study. being a student, jobless of course. and after study, i need to find job and it seems like i need to start my life  as an adult. somehow i feel lag than some other friends who's already working, have own big business, married, have a baby(ies).


yes of course i feel left behind sincerely.

jealous? of course but not at the level of PHD (perasaan hasad dengki/irritated)

and i calm myself. haha

it's ok to be me. people have their own way to live

so do i. HE already set our own path.

at least i experienced a lot in my life. i experienced many things. with people, things, events and many more

but undeniable that the longer u live, the more problems and obstacle u faced

yes, my 25 years of life is full with lessons

lessons that make me feel strong day by day

it makes me be matured, talk less, think more

ignore the ignorance

never listen to what they think about u, (not all but some that may contribute u to feel down and think nonsense)

dont bother on stupid issue. yes i always make my head burden with so typical issues around us example kiki vs uncle sim. aiyooo

think more on global issues (good subjects) that able me to think out of box

i write too much? sorry but i love to talk but i talk less if people in front me. because the more u talk the more people can see our weaknesses. so let's be underground, humble. i observe more ^_^

till then, u may see many entries from me. insyaallah. may Allah protects me and u from harm

dont forget to pray for our siblings in palestine, syria and all over. also not to forget to our country. many trials that Allah gives to us lately. it because of our mistakes to neglect HIS orders.

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