Thursday, March 24, 2011

sorry, no jokes here.

Assalamualaikum! (sila jawab)
Happy Thursday everyone~

When it comes to the bad feeling towards everything, I may come out with all statements below. Yes, I create them by myself okay! I type them faster than I type an essay for my English subject!

You know what:

*I hate when people so much like to depend on others!

*I hate when people are intend to put burden to others!

*I hate when u are moody and u just let it to people! Are u stupid or what? Do u think people understand what are u thinking about?? Shit!

*I hate when u are sooooo selfish!

*I hate when u influence me with bad thinking. I am not perfect, thus it drives me to be negative too!

*I hate when people talk harsh to me. U think who u are?

*I hate when people ask me to do that, there,here, etc. This is not about u are not afford to do so but u never want to!!

*I hate being depended by others. I hate that so much! Understand? I hate that!

*I hate working with the lazy people. Yes, I am lazy too but if your laziness influence me, I really hate it.

*I hate people that are rude, keep saying about others, judge others, handsome or not, pretty or not, rich or not. Do u think u are pretty enough? Do u think u are clever enough? Do u think u are handsome enough? Do u think u have everything enough?

*I hate pretender.

*I hate back stabber.


Okay, enough for tonight. I have too many works to settle down. I am sorry if this is butthurt. Okay, enough for that. Today is just a typical day for me.

ouh bad feeling, please go away!

Ermm, errr, got to go! Bubye!


mizzbutterfly said...

hehehehe...tarik nafas dalam..dalam..pegi tido..mimpi besh...

Unknown said...

tu la cik wany, ngntuk dh ni....
tidur dan hilang semua <3

Anonymous said...

hee.. amal pinjam ltk kat wall buley? ;) by da tyme kinah bc amal da ltk ;) uu!! maaf!

Unknown said...

i love u amal! haha ^^