Thursday, March 24, 2011

sorry, no jokes here.

Assalamualaikum! (sila jawab)
Happy Thursday everyone~

When it comes to the bad feeling towards everything, I may come out with all statements below. Yes, I create them by myself okay! I type them faster than I type an essay for my English subject!

You know what:

*I hate when people so much like to depend on others!

*I hate when people are intend to put burden to others!

*I hate when u are moody and u just let it to people! Are u stupid or what? Do u think people understand what are u thinking about?? Shit!

*I hate when u are sooooo selfish!

*I hate when u influence me with bad thinking. I am not perfect, thus it drives me to be negative too!

*I hate when people talk harsh to me. U think who u are?

*I hate when people ask me to do that, there,here, etc. This is not about u are not afford to do so but u never want to!!

*I hate being depended by others. I hate that so much! Understand? I hate that!

*I hate working with the lazy people. Yes, I am lazy too but if your laziness influence me, I really hate it.

*I hate people that are rude, keep saying about others, judge others, handsome or not, pretty or not, rich or not. Do u think u are pretty enough? Do u think u are clever enough? Do u think u are handsome enough? Do u think u have everything enough?

*I hate pretender.

*I hate back stabber.


Okay, enough for tonight. I have too many works to settle down. I am sorry if this is butthurt. Okay, enough for that. Today is just a typical day for me.

ouh bad feeling, please go away!

Ermm, errr, got to go! Bubye!


mizzbutterfly said...

hehehehe...tarik nafas dalam..dalam..pegi tido..mimpi besh...

~sakina~ said...

tu la cik wany, ngntuk dh ni....
tidur dan hilang semua <3

Anonymous said...

hee.. amal pinjam ltk kat wall buley? ;) by da tyme kinah bc amal da ltk ;) uu!! maaf!

~sakina~ said...

i love u amal! haha ^^