Tuesday, April 5, 2011

sila la terliur ^^

 assalamualaikum darlingssss

how are you?? how's study? nak final kan? same with me, the exam draft predict that i will sit my first paper on 3rd may :)

i just wanna finish this semester!

but today i wont talk about exam, here, i have something for u, i treat u an ice cream.. naahhh!

so super duper delicious!!

this is my parents favorite. each time me and papa went through highway, he will stop at RnR which sold ice cream with roti. ^^

sedap kan sedap kan!!

i love ice cream, yet i love strawberry...

pictures courtesy of google ^^


haney said...

cedap nyeee!
nak nak nak! :)

Unknown said...

meh meh kite belanje :D