Sunday, May 8, 2011

saya masih punya 2 papers untuk final dan SELAMAT HARI IBU ^^

happy superb Sunday ^^

i just wanna let u know that i only have 2 more papers for this final exam...

control systems on Wednesday
 power systems on Thursday

then i'm gonna have a very long holiday, about 2 1/2 months. so heaven!

and now, i would like to wish a very happy mother's day especially to my mama :)

also happy mother's day to all women that hold a title of mama, mother, mommy, mom, ibu, mak, bonda, ummi and so on...

mother, u are such a wonderful human being, a very precious person in the world... :)

i'm not a good daughter..
though i always do something disorder
and i can't be like someone that she wants


eid adha 2009, being the single daughter that time 
because my sister was at Egypt, celebrated eid adha there.. :)

when she was young, my mother ^^

when we were young.. haha 


ouh! can't wait for thursday, the day that i will be free from this semester eventhough i'm about worry for maths iv! daymmnnn u!!! so wordless about that maths iv, so rubbish and i think i'm gonna kill myself because of the stupidity of mine!


mizzbutterfly said...

2 paper jer lagikkkk...huhuhuh...:)
aja aja fighthing....:)

haney said...

gud luck dear :)

. . . h u s n a . . . said...

sygku!!!!!!!!!!! haha... lme ta dtg blog ko ni... all da best la utk ko...

Unknown said...

wany: tu la, x sabarr dah ni :D
thanx!! hepy holiday to u <3

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

haney: thanx so much!! ^^

Unknown said...

izni: hye darling!!! long time x update jugak kn :p

thanx! all the best too... :)