Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcoming the Month of Ramadhan


today is 1st August, along with 1st Ramadhan..

terasa bersyukur kerana masih bernyawa untuk merasai Ramadhan tahun ni..

bulan yg penuh keberkatan
bulan yg penuh kemuliaan
bulan yg penuh pengampunan

ramadhan is a month;
whose beginning is a mercy,
whose middle is forgiveness,
whose end is freedom from fire..

don't waste food..
don't waste time..
don't stop from doing ibadah sunat..

enjoy this fasting month with more ibadah, because it comes once in a year and next year we never know if we can still alive..

oleh itu, selamat berpuasa semua... :)

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