Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 15 – Something you don’t leave the house without

assalamualaikum :)

hello people, this is 30 days challenge :)

day 15 is coming!
menipu je saya, day 1 complete, day 2-14 all in 1. ciss. tetiba datang day 5 ni ha :p

something i don't leave the house without?

first, i won't leave the house without proper attire; a very nice attire i mean it's enough to cover my body. u get me?

ha, korang tau tak siapa sebelah saya tu? 
yg berjubah hitam yg sweet tu adalah wife kepada sham kamikaze :)

second, i won't leave the house without my super pinky purse ;)

third, my handphone, miss experia yg semakin canggih kerana saya sudah menginstall aneka perkara best di dalam nya seperti camera application yg banyak effect seperti lomo dan macam macam lagi :D

but; i don't mind if i don't bring along my handphone but purse is the thing that i will never forget to bring it along. sebab dalam purse dah ada duet, atm card. so i can survive my life enough with them! ^^


haney said...

kurusnya kinaaaaaaaa :)

Unknown said...

hahaha, kan kan? menci tgk cm skeleton je :S

Anonymous said...

hey dear..i follow u..nice purse :) heee

Unknown said...

eena; thany yanggg :)

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