Monday, April 2, 2012

kelegaan :)

assalamualaikum semua
selamat hari isnin, hari ini sangat bagus :)

petang tadi 3-5pm ada practical test #2 workshop and i think that i don't do it very well
but i feel relief because not me only thinking of the matter. get what i mean?
semua orang pun tak dapat buat sebagus 100% :))

enough with that. i would like to say that i'm heading to week 11 for this semester. total minggu belajar adalah 14. di mana minggu ke 15 adalah study week.. dan final mula 7 may to 18 may..  and this is my second last semester, where next semester i will be facing the fyp. next year on january until may if im not mistaken, i will be doing a industry training or intra.. YEAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

i've waiting for this time since i was in semester 3. haha. cepat sungguh masa berjalan..

so guys, yg mana baru mendaftar study tu, don;t worry, your time will come too :)

just enjoy your study time, struggle much with your lovely assignments, labs, tests, exams.

cewah gaya cakap macam lah aku dah habis kan.. but seriously, time goes very fast and u will not realize it..

ok, next week will be my fyp proposal presentation, technopreneurship business plan presentation, submission of assignments, lottssssssss of thing to do start from next week untill week 14.

go big or go home

that the quote that make me realize something. i've been here for almost 2 years and i will be regret if im not doing the best here.

no point but i just feel too happy because no more test for workshop. yeehaaaaaaaaaaaa

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