Tuesday, May 22, 2012

hello holiday!

assalamualaikum. a quick entry.

i am in holiday mode. for 2 months and 2 weeks. 

however, ill be back to gombak 2 weeks more for my final year project. omg but it's ok, once in a lifetime je pun. then ill be finish with all those things. 

i deactivated my twitter 10 days ago. i feel annoyed with some friends there. nak  unfollow macam tak sampai hati. nak block apatah lagi. so i decided to deactivated for 30 days and my account will be reset for 0 follower and following. then i will add back the friends that i feel COMFORTABLE WITH ONLY. 

sebab aku rasa social network aku adalah untuk dikongsi dengan orang aku rasa selesa. it's ok to have the different thoughts, but do respect other's too. and please don't ask others to follow u, because they have their own reason. 

RESPECT, is all i need.

same with facebook. i have not much feeling towards it anymore. since profile aku dah transform kepada timeline yg bajet canggih tu, eventhough it only appears at me, it really hurt me. hilang mood nak online tau T_T

oh ye, terasa nak buat preloved items sale la.. sebab banyak sangat baju, tudung/shawls yg tak terpakai. 

till then, daaaa~~

by the way, salam bulan rejab semua.. :)


Ardini Izzati said...

Haha. Nak jual eh? Nanti inform tau :)

Unknown said...

ardini; no prolemo dear ^_^