Sunday, May 19, 2013

as a reminder


sejak kebelakangan ni macam banyak kes tipu involve kad atm, ada call tanya kan no di kad atm etc. so beware dan keep it secret.

i want to share my experience, my money in my account gone. it happened twice when i was in diploma.

walaupun nilai tak lah ribuan, tp sebagai student waktu tu, aku rasa kehilangan yg banyak gile.

punca nya ialah 1 of my close friend yg keluar kan duet tu. pfft~ yes we were close that time, yg aku anggap sebagai kakak. she knew my password accidentally when i withdraw my money. so 1 day, while i was in toilet she took my atm card and withdraw my  money.

since that time our friendship was like nothing. yes of course aku marah, imagine the person that i trusted most betrayed u.

tapi mesti la aku maaf kan, it just happened. and now i miss her and try to find her. but to forget the mistake is never. it will remain as to alert me to be more cautious in future. 

i learnt that when i started to trust someone, i just being too naive. ikut je la apa org tu nak buat pun. until 1 day i realized that it annoyed me very much. it not only happen once but several.

maka nya, mari lah jadi lebih bijak. things happen to us is a lesson.

from this story, i think that Allah tested me to be more cautious with people. not to believe others so much. yes this is past and it's forgiven. im not just saying it as to lift it with no reason atau tak habis habis nak cerita. but never forget it because it's a lesson. crystal clear?


Unknown said...

wah wah..takutnya..sampai hati ya dia buat macam itu..uhuu..tak apa.. tak ada rezeki kak..nanti Allah balas..huhu

Unknown said...

kawan tu kawan jugak tp bab security kita, kena jaga :)