Sunday, November 24, 2013

life is hard


just a mumbling entry. long time i'm not updating any. haih

life is getting hard, harder and hardest as u get old, older and oldest.

as u grow up, u will face more challenges in your life. in any ways, any time, anyone and any things. i just feel that.

how hard it is. i can't handle them anymore. it just too complicated. it just make my life completely messed up. even more complicated than my previous hardest assignment.

follow the flow? unfortunately i am not the person that just to follow. i just follow in what i believe the best and only in my own ways. please stay out of my matters and never order me to do this and that.

demotivated, depressed, tensed, sad, annoyed.

it's hard to find a person that i can really talk to. so hard. but it existed. thanks to my beloved. though i never shared everything and we are not in a way of thought but i know that i can trust u.

i give up actually. it's sad to think about but i just feel demotivated and i don't know what should i do and what to decide.

we might hat 100 friends. but maybe only 50 of them will attend your wedding, 20 of them can be asked for a date, 10 of them will call u, but how many of them will know your problems and stand with u in your up and down.

i have a lot of friends but a real friends are just a few and it's enough.

however i never told them if i had any problem or in a hard time. i just keep with myself and solve it myself. haih. motif aku bagitau? tak ada. yes i keep my problem with myself.

having problem is hard enough. to tell them also harder. to make them understand is hardest. get me?

btw, forgive my any broken english. chow~

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