Tuesday, June 3, 2014

adra afieya, a little fighter done the liver transplant


lama tak update pasal adra

alhamdulillah adra selamat menjalani pembedahan pemindahan hati jumaat lepas, 31hb may 2014

a blissful friday, 9am until 10pm, more than 12 hours operation

and finally it's done. almost 2 days she was not unconscious maybe because of the anesthesia to kill her pain, alhamdulillah yesterday, monday 2nd june 2014 she was conscious and ready to watch cartoon network! alhamdulillah yeay!

however, this few weeks is a hectic because the doctors want to see her progress. please pray together that adra will accept the new liver well yaa

and i also would like to ask for your kindess and help to donate some for adra

since almost rm500k was used for the operation itself, not included the medication, further treatment and ward, adra's parents need a lot of money due to pay a lot of things.

besides, adra's treatment also not last after she's well after the transplant but it may need a long time treatment after this

i've been asked a mother that having a son which has the same disease like adra. now her son was 12 years old if im not mistaken. she told me that she still bring her son to the treatment eventhough her son already 12 years old and had the liver transplant almost 11 years a go. it's not easy to deal with the disease

so, we as a public should help adra and others who need us. anything could happen for us too in future

please help adra, please pray for adra and please donate to adra as much as we able to 

adra already 10 months last 2 weeks ago

the details if u want to donate is above

Donations in monetary form can be 

done through this Maybank account: 

5622 2732 7760 (ADZRIEFAIZ ADZLAN)

thank you!

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