Tuesday, January 6, 2015

hello 2015!


hello 2015, welcome

day 6 of 2015

resolutions? i dont have a specific one

azam untuk upgrade apa2 kekurangan dalam diri supaya lebih move on, berjaya dan kurang kan benda tak berfaedah

semakin tua ni rasa banyak sangat benda lagha, tak berfaedah

grow up

be matured

ignore benda yg tak penting yg takde kaitan dgn diri sendiri

ignore benda yg boleh menyakitkan hati (lantak la apa benda2 tersebut, malas dah nak kisah kan sangat)

more to self development

less controversy


meningkatkan kerajinan dan istiqamah dalam beribadah. kurang nye amalan nak bawak kt akhirat nanti wey. padahal itu la destinasi abadi

do something to gain income. find a good business and a good partner. that's important


yes i think deep on it. HE knows when is the right time. i dont need to rush for it. BE AND IT IS :)

control the emotion which can lead me to rush on it. well, come on. life is about achieving. as long as i am not having a good career, job, im not gonna go for it yet.  :)


so far i wanna finish my master first with a excellence grade. do my best on my master project 2 which is under progress. alhamdulillah so far last 2 semesters, my pointer is worth with my effort. ALHAMDULILLAH hope last semester also the same and better

wanna build a good career after my study. in addition, try to grab any chance in additional job eg business. doing business is not easy huh~

goal is the main thing. that i am not taking care of. my bad. T_T


organize my life properly. to make a change for a better is not easy since it needs a lot of sacrifice and inner spirit.

that is what im gonna struggle this year. seems like it is too late for 26 years old woman like me actually.



yes i feel it several, no i mean a lot of time

while watching my fiends are getting married, have a kids, have a good career, stable in financial and everything.

it is the most challenge for me to face. not jealous but u might feel demotivated.

since u are not working yet, depends on parents to raise u, still studying

sometimes, most of the times i feel many things are not going very well as i expected. i feel so demotivated and it kills my spirit to move on


life nowadays is very challenge

hello, we are facing quite BARANG NAIK and it is a burden. everything insanely expensive. car, house, properties.

life is getting tough. no more comfort zone to be enjoyed


may i will do well in 2015

may everything will be blessed by Allah

may all of us will be more successful and get everything we wish

assalamualaikum :)

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