Sunday, November 20, 2011

rezeki :)


happy sunday :)

siapa pergi dating hari ni tekan keyboard!

siapa duduk rumah hari ni?

siapa keluar shopping hari ni??

share jom!

today, i just stay at uni..
wake up early for a seminar...
be a committee for mind mapping seminar...

and today is a rezeki day
breakfast treated by kak illa
lunch treated by ustazah rohani
pendrive 8Gig as a souvenir as a committe today
grab a chance for project for fyp with other 2 member, where the project is a combination of 3 parts
and perhaps the darling, misha will treat me for lunch tonite as she promised before ^^
all in 1!
instant babe!

and sy dapat keychain pinkish daripada siti aiesyah, boleh letak kat pendrive baru... yeehuuu!
tenkiu berrymuch!

ohhh,, sesungguh nya rezeki datang pada waktu pagi, apabila kita bangun awal, determine and honest to do something

now i just realize that ;)
it's never too late kan? 

ohh ye, 
final lagi 2 papers...
where the first two papers was about to kill my confidence =,="

how much i frust for microcontroller because mdm just gave me 28/60 for my carry mark
how much i hate her so sudden!


Unknown said...

Aah betul tu kak.jangan tidur lepas subuh nanti rezeki tak masuk rumah.memang betul sangat.hana setuju :)

Unknown said...

kan kan?? memang rezeki susah datang kan :)

Islam said...

Pls make a post related comments