Thursday, November 3, 2011

wordless Wednesday #11

assalamualaikum wbt.

if i post the wordless Wednesday last week, it would be the saddest, the really wordless ever..

i lost the person

that important;


she's like my mother; who took care of me

who raised me, since i was young, since i was born to this world

the person who i slept with every night

the person who taught me mengaji

the person that mean everything for me

the person that i live with since i was young, since i was a baby

this is more than wordless

more than speechless

i dunno what words can describe how much i owe her

i dont have time to ask forgiveness

i just met her 1 month before

people, if u really understand how i feel


Unknown said...

Hey Darl!
Salam Takziah

I really do feel the same if happened to me!

Sabar ye yunk!

Anonymous said...


alfatihah buat arwayarham/ semoga dicucuri rahmat dan berkat kehidupan. amin :')

saya pernah rase kehilangan jugaa.
keep stay strong /

Unknown said...

misae: thanx darling. kia cuma boleh ambil iktibar untuk diri sendiri kan. semua akan mati :)

ayu: terima kasih dear... semoga mereka yg dah pergi akan tenang di alam sana :)