Tuesday, February 23, 2016



sooo long time a go aku tak update

2016 is so challenging year


keep calm and go through it

well, my first trip over the sea. haha

i went to egypt last month, about 2 weeks

well, this is pyramid

view bandar kaherah lama dari masjid salahuddin al ayub

niat asal to attend my sister's graduation day

then managed to visit many places

just...subhanallah, it was beautiful :)

really wanna blog about it, to keep it one of the best moment ever

let's have some time later

2 benda yg penting now

1- get a good job for career enhancement

2- preparation for my wedding

kahkah. nak kawen dah ai :p

garden theme please ^_^


mizzbutterfly said...

weiiiii... nak kawen da? finally. alahmdulillah. Moga lancar semua urusan.

Unknown said...

aah wany, aminn...moga mudah sume nye dan kurang cabaran...haha