Monday, April 18, 2011

minggu terakhir :)

this is super duper monday ^^

minggu ni adelah minggu akhir utk study week.. so next week i will start with the revision week...
the final exam will be starting at 3rd may and last day is 12th may... hoyehhh!!
the final exam timetable is soo heaven,, i have much time to study smart and hard...

ohh ye, there is some more assignments to finish, then i will start to concentrate in revision. ohh myy! must do the best, must study smart, must be more hardworking, last semester, the result is the worst in my life,, time HND dulu pun tak pernah seteruk ni.. down kejap aku dulu :(

timetable untuk final:

3rd may
12pm- measurement and instrumentaion ii

4th may
9am- engineering maths 4
30m- essential management principle

11th may
2.30pm- control systems

2th may 
2.30pm- power systems

i have enough time to study control and power, the tougher subject for this semester...
may ALLAH bless us..

bye :)


mizzbutterfly said...

good luck yunk..aku tinggal 3 paper je...hehehe

Unknown said...

thanx darling! gudluck too menghabiskan 3 papers tu :)