Sunday, June 19, 2011

that's why i love short semester!

hi everyone!

i just want to let u know that i really love this short semester!

class is only once in a week

i have a lot of free time, 6 days a week

i don't have any pressure

enjoy the class

enjoy the report of industrial visit

enjoy the test, quiz, etc...

enjoy the time being here, at the hostel, with no crowded, even though with so many cats

enjoy the time with friends, most of the time we spent together

enjoy everything!!

last week, me and my group members went for an industrial visit, settled! 

korang memang best la weyyyy


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haney said...

besy nye! rindu nk study! :D

Unknown said...

time study kan time paling best :p
jgn lupa tak sabar nak convo jugak tau :D

mizzbutterfly said...

shortsem mmg untuk ko njoy...n freeee gilllos...

merahitujambu said...

rindunyee zaman belajar dulu..uhuk

Unknown said...

wany, yup darling, heaven on earth! :)

Unknown said...

merah itu jambu : time study yg akan dikenang2 smpi bila2 :p