Friday, June 3, 2011

what's next? result and rejab... ^^


happy Friday all...

im currently at hostel from yesterday evening... to continue my study for short semester.. eventhough it just one subject, with 2 credit hours, i have to.. my own choice.. 

it's about 8 days im invisible myself, now it's turn to come back..

saturday 28th may, went to putrajaya from perlis... sunday 29th may, went for my brother's registration at PASUM, stayed at home at putrajaya till yesterday... ikut kan hati memang i will dropped for short semester tapi it's okay lah, just stay here and continue.. may next semester i will be more relax to face the hardest subjects kan? i just thought so..

first of all, a zillion of syukur sebab result last semester already released today.. i pass all the subjects. alhamdulillah, HE'S THE GREATEST, HE'S THE ALMIGHTY... as i told u before here that i felt down in one subject, which in engineering maths 4, i thought i will failed for that subject.. seriously i can't made it on final.. and aku dah bernazar, if i pass that subject, i will fast for 3 days, berturut turut beb.. alhamdulillah, never mind... i owe HIM... :)

tired thinking about the result, what goes around comes around, nak kata usaha aku dulu mendatangkan hasil memuaskan pun tidak jugak.. let bygone be bygone.. aku dah puas dulu mengejar pointer.. sekarang let them be... learn as much as i can, try harder, think smarter, and i just want to end it as soon as possible.. 

emm, now, i should prepare for the first test on this Sunday... may it go smoothly... 

and bulan rejab dah datang... kemudian syaaban kemudian ramadhan... mari lah berpuasa sunat sebanyak mungkin.. dan jangan lupa mengganti puasa korang jugak ye... hutang tu... 

i do copy something from ustaz zahazan's facebook,, sempena 1 rejab ni, amal kan doa :

"Allahumma Bariklana Fi Rajab wa Sya'ban, Wa ballighna ramadhan" riwayat al-Tirmizi..

maksudnya, "Ya Allah berkatilah kami dalam bulan Rajab & Sya'ban dan panjangkanla usia kami kpd Ramadhan" dan doa daripada ayat ke 8 Surah ali Imran agar berterusan semangat ibadah daripada sekarang hingga bila2..

ohh ye, thanks a million untuk visitors belog saye, new followers and all... i will visit u soon... keep reading, keep writing, leave me your footstep, i will be in your's...

till then, take care!



Unknown said...

good luck for the test.. :)

. . . h u s n a . . . said...

hehe.. all da best k!!! =)

Unknown said...

syrupmasin: arigato! :)

izni: insyaallah :)