Monday, July 4, 2011

hari ahad saya ^^

hi everyone, Monday blues is here~

how's your day? may it goes well :)

i just wanna let u know about my yesterday, Sunday ^^

my Sunday started with a class on 10am.. then during break time for lunch 1pm, i asked madam for skip the evening session.. because of i had a kenduri, the friend of mine, amin, his sister wedding day... luckily madam shariah was so understanding.. she's great babe!

then me and others girls, miza, kyna and mila went to amin's house.. the kenduri was nice, with so many delicious foods.. and of course i ate much, nasi beriani kot, then marshmallow with choc, cake, kambing but i ate just a little, and lastly cendol... :)

thanx for inviting us amin :)

 kina and also kyna~

mila looked ohhsemmm kan? haha

teringat pulak jiran tetangga amin yg semangat karoke time kenduri tu... 
haha, ohhsemm jugak aunty tu :p

nice kan? heee~~

okay then, finish about the kenduri.. then me and wanie with nas went to pwtc for a 1 malaysia wedding festival.. since nas interested with photography... and i met with saiful nang, the principal of candid syndrome photography ^^

people, if u are a camera or photography person, u must know saiful nang :)

okay then, we moved to the night session.. kampung baru for dinner~
we went to hr steak house... i mentioned to u twice kalau tak silap, i like this place...
cheap, delicious and i loike lah!

but, for yesterday aku dah macam nak cakap, i am not recommend u to go there! 
i will tell u the story next entry~

then, for midnight, we went to danau kota the uptown~ :)
and we reached hostel at 1am~ phewww~~~

the night.. meja yg soooo semak dan penuh semut~~ plastic mekdi tu dah 2 hari kot, dengan pamphlets merata, malas nak layannn.. pagi tadi baru kemas~ :p

bye! (malas nak greeting molek molek bagai)


FarizAtie said...

wah2 meriah nye kaler2 pink..huhu

Unknown said...

cute kan pink color ^^

haney said...

wahhh berjalan sakan nahh :)

Unknown said...

haha, sunday kan? mana boleh duduk je bilik :p

[sutera kasih] said...

Ehh Saiful Nang la !! hehe

Unknown said...

minat saiful nang ke? ^^