Saturday, July 28, 2012

esok saya akan pulang ke hostel! :'(


esok akan ku jejaki hostel yg ku rindui wahhh gitu

susah hati tau tak, apa la aku nak makan masa berbuka nanti?

mana lah aku nak menapak beli makanan??

bila fikir positive sikit, that will be my last semester yawwwwww HAHAHA

yezza, my 7th semester and next year im gonna have my industrial training

i have to struggle much for this semester for the sake of my pointer so i don't have to pay the mara loan.

even i know it's not easy as my thought, but it's ok, i will try my best and i hope that my last semester will give me the best memory ever. perhaps.

and this semester i got the big room, bigger than all the previous rooms, which as my dream before. ahak~

hello 7th semester's lecturer, PLEASE be nice to me ya. like before, every semesters, 1 lecturer at least will SPOIL my pointer. even i just did my best T_T

electrical system building, innovation, final year project, those are three subjects that i'm dealing with.

so now, i would like to say that the 7th semester is begin.....



Syida said...

May Allah guide every single step that you take.. Enjoy this 7th semester.. :)

Unknown said...

thnx dear, may it goes well with u :)