Friday, July 20, 2012

ramadhan al-mubarak


selamat hari jumaat yg berkat...

another 4 hours to welcome the ramadhan al-mubarak, the most barakah month for us as a muslim...

ramadhan wishes to me and u

  • solat terawih everyday
  • read al quran frequently
  • sedekah
  • do not waste the food
  • be moderate in everything; iftar, sahur, moreh
  • pray a lot
  • semoga puasa ni bukan semata2 lapar dan dahaga
  • may ALLAH grants all our doa and bless us

even dalam bulan yg lain jugak kita patut sama je, moderate in everything and be a good muslim..

may this is not our last ramadhan and thank you ALLAH for giving me another chance to celebrate this blessing month :)

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