Thursday, July 5, 2012

why blogging?


just a quick update before i pray :)

just thinking of why we blog here?

for me, i blog because of

  • to share my valuable things happened in my life; any events
  • to share my thoughts on something
  • to release everything, kalau tak puas hati, more to melepaskan tekanan perasaan. u know that u can't share anything with everyone, they might don't understand u, dorang mungkin jugak menyampah, kadang2 bila nak share dengan someone, aku akan teringat quote yg "orang suka kalau kau ada masalah". dan aku bukan jenis yg mudah bercerita masalah dekat orang lain
  • i love to give a rant on something. haha for example who's the most handsome in the twilight sequel movies~ HAHA macam kat sini
so how about u?

it's ok if people hate to hear me, to read me here. they can just leave my blog. 

for now, i have lotsssssssssss of things to release. wait then. haha

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