Wednesday, August 14, 2013

6 years


by the way, last 9th august was my kurus and i of 6th anniversary gitu. 6 tahun is official. tak official 6 tahun 5 bulan. 5 bulan pun berkira. haha

so now back to basic, a long distance relationship (LDR). currently he's at terengganu for the instep training by petronas for 1 year. and i'm at perlis. asal nya pun kami jauh. memula aku kat nogori sombilan, kat kolej and he was at penang, uitm. after 3 years of LDR (dah macam light dependent resistor dah in engineering term haha), we were closed where i was at gombak and he was at sepang and further degree at uitm shah alam. until now, about 3 weeks being far from each other, i used to it :D when it comes to the stable's relationship, distance is never being an issue :)

 i am still not working ya, now seriously a job hunter as my target to work after raya. yihaa. though rasa rugi amat sebab reject lots of interviews since most of them were out of my region. plus i don't want to disturb my holiday and raya mood. :p

lepas raya ni, invitation for wedding penuh utk setiap minggu. my turn? insyaallah may it goes with our plan. :)

patut nye ni entry gambar raya tapi tersasul ke anniversary. 

ok lah, dah 2am. cite favourite iols dah start.


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